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Syntech Systems offers a wide array of services to cover any sized business.

Whether you are just starting out in a home office or have thousands of employees, our professional network architects and expert partners will provide you with robust and future-proof solutions that will optimize workflow and grow with your business. Contact us today for your free network analysis!

ISP - Internet Service Provider

There are literally thousands of internet providers out there, each with different levels of speed, support, security, price and more. We have strategic partnerships with virtually all internet providers that we can leverage to give you the best speeds at the best prices. We will analyze your bandwidth needs to ensure your internet keeps up with your business. Many of our solutions are scalable and with a click of a button we can increase your internet speeds when needed. 

Multi-site Networking

As your business expands geographically and new locations are added, many logistical issues arise. "How will I transfer a call from one location to another?" "How can we securely share documents between offices?" "How will my remote workers have access to the company resources?" These are just a few of the issues growing companies face. With our hosted solutions, expansion is a breeze! It's literally plug and play. Simply plug your VOIP phone into the network and you're automatically connected to the main office. Plug your thin client into the network and you're on your office network. Whether you need dedicated MPLS lines between offices, SD-WAN Links, or hosted solutions you can be sure we have the best solution for you. 

VOIP - Voice over IP

Telecommunication has drastically changed over the past 60 years and continues to expand with cutting edge technology from video conferencing to seamless mobile phone integration with your office phone system.  New technology and market competition can save you 30%-75% on your telecommunications bill while offering you the most feature packed, scalable and easily managed phone service. Plug and play technology and easy to manage graphical interface makes managing your phone system simple. 

Physical Security

At Syntech Systems we don't just focus on network security, we also recognize the need for physical security. Access control, Alarms, Automation, IP camera systems are an integral part of our business solutions. Unlike other providers, our physical security solutions are cloud based allowing you to have complete control over your office 24/7 from virtually anywhere. If you need to deactivate a key fob of a former employee, simply open the app and deactivate. You can also check the office cameras from your mobile device and get notifications when each office location is opened and closed. You can even control energy costs by automating HVAC and lighting.  Whatever your needs are we can handle it. We have provided physical security for all industries from retail stores to entire cities. 

DaaS (VDI) - Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a revolutionary technology that will change the desktop environment as we know it. DaaS is a technology that allows you to host your workstation's in the cloud. This translates to huge savings for your business! Here are just a few ways DaaS save's you money.

  • Low startup cost

  • Never need to upgrade hardware

  • Never need to worry about compliance

  • 24/7 Server/Desktop support & maintenance is included

  • Automatic Backups

  • Data Center level cyber security

  • Scalable - add or remove workstations as needed

  • Work from anywhere on any device

Energy Savings

We at Syntech Systems take great pride in doing our part to save the Earth. We have strategic partners in the LED lightning industry as well as Solar and alternative energy industries. LED lighting uses approximately 85% less energy than traditional lighting. We offer LED solutions for any application from a small office to stadiums. Our team will analyze your energy usage and lighting needs and provide you with an affordable solution complete with an ROI timetable and available financing. With such a short return on investment and available financing, it's easy to save money and the Earth!

Some of our other services

  • Software Licensing

  • Wireless Fiber Optic Alternatives

  • PC Repair/Maintenance

  • Structured Cabling

  • IT Support

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Network Auditing

  • Email solutions

  • Cloud Storage

  • Network Security

  • Backup solutions

  • Mobility/Wireless solutions

  • Website Hosting

  • Digital Signage

  • and much more!

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