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Why Syntech Systems?

Syntech Systems has been in the IT industry for almost 20 years and we have seen technology grow leaps and bounds in this time. We have seen bandwidth go from dial-up internet to multi-gigabit links and everything in between. For many years technology was restricted due to the bandwidth limitations of the internet. Today that is becoming less and less of a problem. With the development of the "Cloud" and cloud based computing paired with growing bandwidth, we can now offer enterprise level, affordable, secure, scalable, maintenance free and mobile friendly IT infrastructure to any sized business. Features and services once only reserved for the large enterprises can now be accessed by anyone. 

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. It seems like every day a new and better product is released and it's virtually impossible to keep up with every aspect of IT. Between phone systems, server management, cyber security, compliance, licensing, hardware, mobile connectivity, and everything else in an office, how can anyone be an expert at all of it? That's where Syntech Systems comes in. We recognized that no one company can be an expert in all things so we strategically partnered with hundreds of industry leading companies that specialize in one or more aspects of the IT infrastructure. This allows our clients to have one point of contact for all of their IT needs while guaranteeing the best service and latest technology in each area of their IT needs.  We cater a specific solution for you providing you with expert sales engineers specializing in each aspect of your company. Our engineers work together as one team to guarantee that all of the technologies implemented will work together seamlessly with the lowest maintenance and cost to our client. 

Our clients love this approach because they end up with industry leading technology at the best price with the most features and the least amount of maintenance. Implementing our hosted solutions platform means:

  • Future proof hardware

    • Never have to purchase expensive hardware again​

  • Little to no in-house IT needed

    • No complicated networks to administer​

    • Easy and intuitive management consoles

  • Scalable solutions

    • Add as many phones to your system as you need, simply plug and play​

    • Add as many computers to your network in minutes with no need for expensive hardware or IT support

    • Need more bandwidth? Just one call away

  • Secure​

    • Data Center level cyber and physical security​

    • Military strength encryption

    • Enterprise level Virus and Malware protection

    • Fire and Flood proof

  • Data Integrity​

    • Your infrastructure and data is duplicated to multiple Data centers around the world

    • Data recovery in the click of a button

  • Mobile Capabilities​

    • Work from virtually anywhere with any mobile device

    • Your cell phone doubles as your office phone with the same number and extension

  • Affordable​

    • Only pay for what you need, when you grow just add to your system​

    • Significantly decreased IT budget

    • Significantly decreased Hardware budget

  • Feature packed solutions​

    • Enterprise level features and security available to everyone​


The list of features, benefits and savings goes on and on.  


Contact us today to see how we can optimize your workflow, ease your management duties and save you money!

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