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High Speed Internet

Unlimited High Speed Cellular Internet ​

Syntech Systems is a broker for all of the major internet service providers, but sometimes, there are no internet options available for some of our customers..... Until now!

Syntech Systems, now offers Truly Unlimited High Speed Cellular Internet nationwide! 

  • No data caps

  • No throttling

  • No overage charges

  • No deprioritization

  • Not affected by the weather

  • VPN compatible

  • Voice Over IP compatible

  • High Upload speeds

  • Robust connection

  • Low latency

  • Mobile

How does it work?

In​ very basic terms, our technology converts the cellular data signal from the cell company into WiFi internet or Ethernet internet that you can use in your home or business.  

How does it compare to Satellite Internet or DSL?

Cellular internet is much better than Satellite Internet or DSL internet for many reasons.  Here are a few.

Satellite - 

  • Expensive -  Data plans are usually around $150/month

  • Not unlimited - Data plans are usually limited to 50GB then speeds are lowered

  • Affected by the weather - Speed is greatly reduced and sometimes the connection will drop during bad weather.

  • Not Voice over IP compatible

  • Not VPN compatible

  • Very high latency - Latency at best is about 700ms. This causes many technologies to time out.

  • Low upload speeds

  • Not reliable

  • Download speeds usually max out at 35 Mbps

  • Not mobile - Difficult to transport


  • Slow connection - Depending on your location, DSL can be as slow as 1 Mbps down and .25 Mbps up.  This is only about twice as fast as dial-up! While some DSL customers can get higher download speeds, their upload speed is usually much slower.  

  • Not able to stream video

  • Not Voice over IP Compatible

  • Not available in all areas

  • Not mobile - Cannot be removed from the installed location

What are the benefits of Truly Unlimited Cellular Internet?

There are many benefits of cellular internet, here are just a few.

  • High speeds - Our service can reach speeds of 150 Mbps down and 100 Mbps up

  • No data caps - Our plan will never stop your service if you use a certain amount of data.

  • No throttling - Other "Unlimited" cellular options will slow your speeds down after 22 GB of data, making the internet unusable.  Our product will never slow your speed down. 

  • No overage charges - Other Cellular companies will charge you $10-$15 per GB that you use in excess of your plan.  Our price stays the same no matter how much data you use.

  • No deprioritization - Other cellular and satellite companies will put your traffic at the bottom of the list after you use a certain amount of data usage.  This will slow your internet down and possibly disconnect you all together.  Our connection always gets priority.

  • Not affected by the weather - Satellite and DSL can be effected by heavy rains or clouds.  Our wireless technology is not effected by these elements. 

  • VPN compatible - Satellite and DSL have high latency and slow upload speeds.  This makes VPNs unreliable and unusable.  Our latency is in the 40ms range, so we can keep a very stable VPN connection.

  • Voice Over IP compatible - VOIP will not work over satellite or DSL for the same reason a VPN will not work.  The latency and slow upload speeds will drop calls and create connection issues.  Our latency is in the 40ms range, so we never drop calls.  We can also prioritize VOIP calls over all other traffic for more reliability.

  • High Upload speeds - We can provide upload speeds up to 100Mbps

  • Robust connection - Our MiMo (Multi-in, Multi-out) and LTE-Advanced technology provides multiple connections on multiple frequencies to allow multiple streams at the same time.  This means that you can have 2 or more high speed downloads coming in at the same time because each one has its own stream.

  • Low latency - <40ms

  • Portable internet - Many of our customers own RV's or Boats and travel frequently.  They are constantly trying to find good internet where they stop.  Our cellular router has a 12VDC adapter so they can use the cigarette lighter to power it.  This provides them with unlimited, reliable internet wherever they go. 

  • WiFi is included - Many internet companies will charge you and additional fee for WiFi

  • Mobile - Take the internet with you wherever you go!  Unlimited internet in USA and PR! Great for over the road drivers, Boats or RV's!

What if I don't have good cell coverage in my area?

We run into this all the time.  Many of our customers live or work in remote areas or in mountains where cellular signal is weak.  Our advanced routers allow for external antennas to be connected to them.  Our engineers will design a system specifically for you factoring in frequencies, distance from the tower, location of the tower, antenna types, mounting options and everything else needed to bring our service to your location.  

Can I stream internet TV over this connection?

Absolutely!  In fact, this is a huge cost saver for our customers.  Many of our customers used expensive satellite TV and payed over $150/month for TV service.  With their new high speed internet, they were able to switch to, Hulu TV, Sling TV or any other streaming service and only pay around $50/month.  They still get all of their live channels and DVR included!  Also, internet TV does not go out during bad weather like satellite.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, simply Contact Us.  We will send you some paperwork to sign digitally.  Once we receive the completed documents, we will process your order and ship your router to you.  Installation is easy, simply plug the router in the wall, wait for it to boot up and connect to the WiFi.

Contact us today to order your new Truly Unlimited High Speed Internet!

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